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These people are terrible filled with lies i recently got a BMW 2004 745i in march 11,2011 buy putting down 6000 dollars down i was told that i was approved they gave me a 3000/3 month power train warranty when i got the car the passenger seat did not work i was told that they have a mechanic that they take the car to and i wouldn't be charged.I took the car to the mechanic so he could do the repairs.So the mechanic so called fix the car and told me that i had to pay 585 dollars to get the car which was half of the bill i thought to myself this is not right so i called global select and they refuse to pay at his time this was my only transpo.So i end up paying the 585 and this is the first week i got the car.A couple of weeks later i get a phone call saying that the loan did not go through and that i will be required to put down 2000 dollars more.I told them that I'm not coming up with no more money because i was told i was approved and that i will return the car back to them and i would like my down payment back so i took the car back gave them the keys.When it came down to cutting me a check they had over 2500 dollars of deductions from my down payment was out raged i told them keep there check my lawyer will be in touch.I should have did a little more research on the company but that still don't give them the power to literally rob people.I just wanted to post this to keep other people from getting scammed and robbed.I am now in the process of trying to file a class action lawsuit so if other people been scammed or done wrongfully email me at am currently suing the dealership for my money back

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I would not recommend this place to anyone. They are very rude and they lie so much when it comes to trying to find financing for you.

They are scammers. Beware!!!


After reading the above bad reviews, I was a little bit skeptical purchasing a vehicle from the company. I then told the General Manager about these bad reviews and he simply explained the situation to me.

Regarding the two above customers, one wrote a bad check and the second one breached a contract on a promissory note. These are the people with the credit challege who couldn't satisfy the debtors previously. The company has tried to help them out with their vehicle financing. But unfortunately they did not like the outcome of the situation.

Everyone has there own opinions, this is a great company. They try to help their customers who cannot get financing anywhere else and they have the lowest prices in the area.

As long as you are honest with the company, everything will be satisfied. At the end I was convinced and I purchased a vehicle from them and I will definitely purchase from them in the future and recommend this company to friends and family.

Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, United States #285595

This place definitely charges a lot of extra fees for things that aren't explained. I paid $1,400 more than the tag price (not including the 3% VA car sales tax) and I'm not sure what it was for because I didn't do any financing through them.

There is a $585 transportation fee and the rest of it was mysterious.

So far the car seems okay but I would not recommend going here again. They didn't even bother to add any gas when they said they would so I ended up leaving with less than an 1/8th of a tank.


I hate a bad expirence to and after reading over first paperwork i saw they charge me a extra 4000 for my car and when they explained it tried to make it sound like they didnt and it was taxes and service charges> are you still currently sueing them? i might be interested

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