Triangle, Virginia

Well in a nutshell, THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE. Long story short, I came here to buy a car. Boula and Robert were first to introduce themselves, they got in into a car, test drive, etc etc. When financing time came, I was never even told a final price, just that my loan had gone through and I owed them $6,000... something that we NEVER agreed upon or finalized.

Anyways, the car had been purchased and what was done was done. A few weeks after driving it, the car had some seriose engine troubles so I took it to the shop which my "warrenty" company contracted with. The warrenty basically refused to cover the repairs for whatever reasons (bs reasons that made no sense, they just didnt want to shell out the money). I called Global Select and told them the car they sold me is a POS. Alex, the apparent manager of the dealer got on the phone and as I accused him of selling me a terrible car that broke down after two weeks, he proceeded to curse me out using the f word multiple times and yelling at the top of his voice... great customer service, right?

So in the end, the warrenty company did not pay ***, and of course niether did global select so I swapped the motor out myself, VALUE OF $3,000. To finalize, they are all crooks and literally make their money ripping people off. A dealership is a scam none the less, but a used dealership, forget it. Now im not saying every car they sell you is a trash, but with their reputation where its at and customer service, I dont see them going very far.

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